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99 Michelle Phoenix - Third Culture Kids - The Forgotten Missionary Children - pt 1
July 24, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 99 – Show Notes for Michele Phoenix Interview Part One Michele is an author, consultant and speaker for “Third Culture Kids” – these are kids born or raised in a culture other than their parents’ native cultures…typical of children born into missionary families. Michele was born in France to a Canadian father and an American mother and was raised as a “Missionary Kid” and then spent 20 years at the Black Forest Academy in Germany before launching her own advocacy group, “Global Outreach Mission. Michele travels frequently all across the globe and teaches on topics related to this unique group of people – the Third Culture Kids. In her recent book, “Of Stillness and Storm” – Michele weaves and intimate and intriquette story of one woman’s journey through the temptations and tempests of a life devoted to God. AND though the book plays out in foreign settings – its themes of love, parenthood, doubt, dissatisfaction….alienation…AND healing – well, they are universal and anyone can relate to them… The story outline is that a woman named Lauren and her husband, after 10 years of trying…finally reached their dream of reaching the remote primitive tribes located in a remote part of Nepal. But while her husband made his treks into the Himalayas and was gone for weeks at a time, Lauran and her son Ryan had to stay behind. While Lauren’s husband found passion and purpose in his work, Lauren was facing problems staying behind. What at first started as a calling, soon begins to feel like the family’s undoing. At the peak of her isolation, a friend re-enters Lauren’s life…which creates additional tension and also a new burden on their son, Ryan. Michele discusses why she chose to write a fictional book about the trials missionary kids (MK’s as she calls them) and their families are facing. “The Romantic Times” review of Michele’s book. Michele discusses her “Global Outreach Mission.” Michele gives us some gut wrenching information on her battle with breast cancer. RESOURCES: Website: Book:

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