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125 - Iran's Great Invasion - Why It Is Next In Bible Prophesy - Mark Davidson pt 1
September 20, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 125 – Mark Davidson Interview – Iran’s Great Invasion and Why It’s Next in Bible Prophesy What if, and I am quoting now, “What if you stumbled across a message, a simple interpretation of scripture, much simpler than scholars had been telling us – and it opened your eyes and completely transformed your perspective of the end times? You know in your heart and mind it was true, because news events coming from the Middle East are confirming this message every day. What if millions of lives were about to be deeply affected and someone had to say something? And what if that someone HAD TO BE YOU? My guest today is Mark Davidson, that’s a pen name, because what he is sharing in his book (and what he is going to share with us) is so inflammatory and so anti-traditional in thinking – he needs to protect his family from the backlash that would be sure to come if his true identity were known. And folks, let me tell you – his book, “Iran’s Great Invasion and Why It’s Next in Bible Prophesy” is spot on with what I’ve been preaching for years. Mark, welcome to the program today… First off – I want you to give us a brief background of YOU – as far as you are willing to go…can you do that? Second – I want you to give a brief background of this book, “Iran’s Great Invasion and Why It’s Next in Bible Prophesy.” How did it come about? Tell us, what is “Iran’s Great Invasion”? From the cover, it looks like Iran will invade the Middle East. In your opinion, is that correct? What supports your opinion that an invasion by Iran will be next up in Bible Prophesy? What do you think an invasion like this would do to the U.S. economy - and frankly, that of the Western world? Is it possible to prepare for an event like this? For the average citizen here in the USA? What is it that you hope the readers will take away after reading your book? Now, you say this invasion is the Second in a series of FOUR “sign posts” – tell us, briefly for times sake, what are the FOUR SIGN POSTS you are referring to? Contact Information: Email: Iran’s Great Invasion Book: Daniel Revisited Book: Pastor Robert Thibodeau’s FREE Audio Teaching Series: “The Rise of the Islamic Anti-Christ” (Click this Link)

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