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127 - Is Your Jesus the Bible Jesus? - Marie York
September 22, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 127 - Show Notes for Anita Marie York Interview I would like to introduce to you someone who has written a book that tugs at a cord in my heart that I’ve been preaching on for several years…that what we – especially in America – call “CHURCH” is nothing like the “CHURCH” the Bible talks about or wants us to be about… Welcome to the program a woman who has been a Bible Scholar for close to 60 years…has written EXTENSIVELY on religious topics over those year…has been published in numerous monthly religious journal many times…is the author of two books – the latest one is the one we will be talking about today, “Is Your Jesus the Bible Jesus?” Folks, welcome to the program, Marie York! Amen…Maria – welcome to the program! Other than that brief introduction I just gave, tell us – “Who is Marie York?” Can you give us some background on your Spiritual Journey? What was it the prompted you to write this book? What is the message you are trying to convey through this book? Are you trying to “Change the way we do church?” Many churches would say you are “wrong” – how do you respond? If you are correct, and in my opinion you are, what should churches do? What can pastors do? Ok… where can people obtain your book…where can they buy it? Do you do speaking engagements concerning your book? If someone wanted to get ahold of you…perhaps to ask you some questions or to ask you to come and speak to their church or church group…how can they get ahold of you? Folks, I really encourage you to get this book, read it, pray about it, compare it to how your church has been operating…compare it to the Bible…pray about it – and let the Holy Spirit guide you in deciding if “Your Jesus is the Bible Jesus?” or just something made up to make people, basically, feel good. Amen. That’s all the time we have…for Marie York and myself…I want you to remember to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO! RESOURCES: IS Your Bible the Bible Jesus? Book:

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