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Episode 128 - The Power of a Woman - Amilliah Kenya pt 1
September 24, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 128 Show Notes for Amilliah Kenya Interview I am so blessed, to have on the line minister, speaker, prayer warrior and author of several books…that latest of which has JUST been released – THE POWER OF A WOMAN…oh, oh…Glory to God – I think there is mighty revelation coming…folks, welcome to the program, Amilliah Kenya! WHO IS Amilliah Kenya? Your new book, The Power of a Woman…why did you write this book at this time? What is the main message you are trying to communicate to the women out there listening (and men, too – amen)…Glory to God! You say that “no woman is too ordinary to be used by God” – what did you mean by that? How can someone listening apply that to their life today? In your book, one comment that was left on your website said, “She seeks to paint for us the importance of our differences…” How are you doing this with your book? Another person wrote a comment, “On one hand, the world rallies for feminism and for women to dominate over men. On the other, it rallies for submissive women who should never speak up. This is not the role of a woman. The Power of a Woman demonstrates the magnitude of the role of women and equips women to use their talents to glorify God in the manner in which God intended.” How do you respond to that? You state, “We are God’s choice for the day and time such as this…” Are you talking about a calling into ministry or just someone willing to be used by God wherever they are at? How does God equip us for service…and for that matter – how can someone know if they are being called by God into service? In your book, you talk about “Living in the light of Eternity.” What do you mean by that? Where can our listeners get this book? RESOURCES: Website: Email: The Power of a Woman - The Power of Woman (Kindle) - God’s Presence – the Missing Something –

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