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Episode 129 God's Presence - the Missing Something - Amilliah Kenya pt 2
September 26, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 129 - Show Notes for Amilliah Kenya Interview – pt 2 I am so blessed, to have BACK on the line - minister, speaker, prayer warrior and author of several books…we talked last time about her new book that was just released released – THE POWER OF A WOMAN…but this time – I get to talk about her book, GOD’s PRESENCE – THE MISSING SOMETHIING…folks, welcome back to the program, Amilliah Kenya! WHO IS Amilliah Kenya? How she and her husband met missionaries who were impressed by the ministry work they were doing. They were not planning on coming to America…but after many days of prayer – they agreed to do so. It meant they were going to lose their jobs, their ability to support their extended family…but they did so anyhow. They discovered that 3 missionaries in 1901, left Marshal Town, Iowa…they left everything to take the Gospel to Kenya…the exact town they were in. Now, these missionaries invited them BACK to Marshal Town, Iowa and complete the circle! Exactly 100 years later! Your new book, “GOD’s PRESENCE – THE MISSING SOMETHIING“…Tell us about this book and why did you wrote this book at this time? Wrote from the burden of her heart right here in America. Many people around the world look to America for Spiritual leadership. But America has so much spiritual darkness – that is what brought you to write the book…to remind the Christians that Satan in a liar. To encourage them to get back under the umbrella of God’s Presence. To remind Christians there is nothing good outside of God’s presence. Get back to the cornerstones of God’s Presence God does not speak outside His Word – everything He says is IN THE WORD Prayer is the most convenient way for us to communicate with Him. Matthew 16 – the man who’s son is vexed by the enemy Addresses their (and our) lack of Faith Addresses their (and our) Spiritual immaturity Addresses their (and our) Spiritual Inconsistency Addresses what is missing in their (and our) life Jesus was telling them (and us) we need PRAYER AND FASTING RESOURCES: Website: Email: Books: The Power of a Woman – The Power of a Woman (Kindle) – God’s Presence – the Missing Something –

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