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Episode 131 Cursing the Church or Helping It - Anna M. Aquino pt 2
September 28, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 39 - Show Notes for Anna Aquino Interview – pt 2 How often do we see divisions and cliques in our churches? CHURCH – where we are supposed to “love our neighbor as ourselves” and to “be givers and not takers,” etc. Well, today, we have a very special guest to our program. Anna Aquino with Dove Eagle Ministries has written a book entitled “Cursing the Church or Helping It.” There is an epidemic going on in the Church today. Many Christians are holding on to offenses and maintain a “me first” type of attitude. In this day and time, we must learn how to have compassion, true love for each other and to become one with the Body of Christ. Anna’s book seeks to open our eyes, soften our hearts and move us to extend blessings to one another as we come together in unity. Amen… Anna Aquino has appeared on TBN numerous times, she writes for Charisma as well…although she approaches these topics from a charismatic perspective – she was raised denominationally – so she can be relevant across the board… She has a unique background - her story of being called into the ministry. “I’ll trade you two fake smiles for a pretentious ‘I’m praying for you’ – What does she mean by that quote in her book? I really cringe with all of the “Christian hugs” we get in church…the reserved pews…our little cliques in church. What do you say to groups like that? Anna talks about her books – some yet to be published. “An Ember In Time” (released in March 2016) and releasing in July 2017 “Marriage In Time.” Working on “Legacy in Time” (no release date yet). What was the purpose in writing the book “Cursing the Church or Helping It?” What response have you received from this book? RESOURCES: Cursing the Church or Helping It: An Ember In Time: Marriage in Time: Contact: Website: Email: Twitter: @annamaquino Instagram: AnnaMAquino33 Facebook: annamquino2 Ministry Name: Doveagle Ministries

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