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Episode 132 Living Successfully - David Ince
September 29, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 132 Show Notes for David Ince Today, I have a special guest that is going to bless your socks off. David Ince is the Founder and Co-Director of “Living Successfully, Inc.” David is a trained and qualified Professional Life Coach and Human Behavior Consultant through the Christian Coach Institute, he is a published author of “From Idea to Implementation” – Living Your Passion” – a short e-book that is available on his website; he has 25 years of business and management experience in the Information, Communication and Technology field; he is a speaker and lecturer in the area of “Application of technology in business;” he is a lay preacher, a volunteer for youth track & also a field coach and he is a hobbyist photographer. WOW! Help me welcome to the program, David Ince! WHO IS David Ince? You are the founder of Living Successfully, Inc. How did you decide this type of organization was needful for this day and time? What type of services do you offer to churches and to ministries? If a church were to call you or email you and decide they needed your services…what takes place…what are the steps in trying to help them? What can they expect? It’s a given that Christians are to be stewards over God’s resources – how can you help? You say – after you have prayed – don’t forget to make a plan! What do you mean by that? You believe that KNOWLEDGE is the the key to success? Why? Discuss the term “Discernment” and how it relates to what you are offering churches (and others) through your organization. Most powerful demonic force? Tolerance and PC When David was in the middle of answering that question – we had technical difficulties…so you know the devil did not like what he was saying – AMEN! RESOURCES: FB: living successfully LinkedIn: David Ince Instagram: david_ince

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