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Episode 136 Sentence Sermon Ministries - Dr. James Harvey pt 2
October 05, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 136 Sentence Sermon Ministry Dr. James Harvey Interview pt 2 OK…today, we have a very special guest on our program…and he is going to be discussing some things that you may have heard me preach about before on my radio program, “Freedom Through Faith.” Dr. James Harvey is the founder of “Sentence Sermon Ministry.” Dr. Harvey has authored three books in his professional life. He has authored ten books in the field of Christian living and has been a newspaper columnist as well. Dr. Harvey has been a community college president – AMEN – a senior vice president and partner in an international management consulting firm based in Washington, DC; a former dean at Hope College and has his MA and PhD degrees from Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan – just down the road a bit from my hometown of Port Huron, Michigan – Glory to God…and Dr. Harvey also has broad experience as a public speaker on a wide range of topics. You believe churches need to rethink how they treat their seniors. What do you mean by that? How should they change? You have written a book entitled, “The Resurrection – Ruse or Reality”…This book takes the reader into a court room setting where they must make a decision as to the outcome of the trail of Jesus. Correct? I did my Master Dissertation on the same subject at Johns Hopkins University. I then turned the dissertation into a book called, “The Six Trials of Jesus” – it was more a less a book on Leadership as well as a book on the resurrection…but I’m not here to talk about my book… Tell us about your book and how you would like churches to “rethink” how they teach on the resurrection. What do you mean? You have written several other books as well: Seven for Heaven; 701 Sentence Sermons, Volume 4 is on your website – I take there are also volumes 1 thru 3? And the book “Run Through the Tape?” Are all of these available on Amazon as well as your website? LIGHTENING ROUND: What book are reading now? How can we know there is a God? Last question? RESOURCES: Website: Email: Books: Seven for Heaven - 701 Sentence Sermons Volume 1: Not available Volume 2: Volume 3: Volume 4:

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