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Episode 137 Miracle on the Hudson Survivor Story - Dave Sanderson Interview
October 06, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 137 Show Notes for Dave Sanderson Interview On today’s broadcast, we have the distinct pleasure and honor to interview someone – who not only survived what could have been a major aviation accident – but not only survived the landing, but then put himself in danger while helping others out of the doomed aircraft as well. In case you are wondering, I’m talking about “The Miracle On the Hudson” river incident when US Airways Flight 1549 made an emergency landing on the Hudson River. We seen video of the passengers streaming out of the aircraft and standing on the wings while awaiting rescue…but my guest today did not make his way out of the aircraft right away – instead, he remained inside and helped others to make their way out – the whole time not knowing if the plane would float for just a “few more minutes” – or begin to sink, trapping him and others inside. Folks, help me welcome to the program, Dave Sanderson. Dave, thank you for taking the time to visit with us and talk about your ordeal… Now, just so everyone knows, Dave Sanderson is an inspirational, not just speaker – but SURVIVOR, Amen! He is the author of the book, “Moments Matter: How One Defining Moment Can Create A Lifetime of Purpose.” He is an internationally sought out speaker on Leadership and helps people to make a difference in their own life and in the lives of others…amen! Dave, you were the “last person” off the back of that plane that day, correct? When you faced the decision to either “get off the plane as soon as possible” or to “stay and help others” – what were the thought processes you were working through in making that life or death decision? You talk about doing “the right thing” – what do you mean by that? Not only were you the last off – or one of the last off, did the crew insist you get out before they did? OK – but you were also one of the last to be plucked out of the water, correct? What kind of training, either military or whatever – what kind of training did you ever receive that would have prepared you for that type of selfless leadership on that fateful day? (boy scouts) How did your example of Leadership play out in the “Miracle on the Hudson? Has that now translated over to speaking and inspiring others with your story? How does that relate to business people and entrepreneurs? Let me back up a minute – I can’t help but go back to the plane…the adrenalin kicking in…facing and making “life and death” decisions – on a minute by minute basis…knowing that the “wrong decision” could cost you, not only your life, but the life of others…we know the outcome was successfully… But, take us through the range of emotions you experienced, once you were “safe” back on land? A lot of people, especially our Veterans, but others as well, when faced with a traumatic event – experience some sort of PTSD…but you said you experienced GROWTH as a result of this…can you explain what you mean by that? PTGS – growth syndrome You have said the the TRAINING you received, I believe you have a background in sales and also while working for the famous Tony Robbins as his security director, how did this Training “kick in” – can you explain to us how that 1) helped in the time of the situation and 2) helped you to recover afterwards and 3) has helped you from that time to now? Dave, I want to just recap and emphasize a couple of things for our listeners… In summary form, can you tell us how your background, in sales and in security and in Leadership – allowed you to DO THE RIGHT THING at the RIGHT TIME and in the RIGHT MANNER to successfully overcome this situation and save yourself and others? What can you say to those who face PTSD, such as our Veterans, who also have faced things that most people will never encounter – making second by second “life and death decisions” – and survived… and some of them have lost good friends in the process…and now they are facing questions of why “the

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