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Episode 150 - Purpose Diaries - Crisha Bowen Interview
October 25, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 150 Show Notes for Interview with Crisah Sarah Bowen – Purpose Diaries On today’s program, I want to introduce to you a woman is making a difference by helping people to FIND THEIR PURPOSE! That is something that, I believe, everyone struggles with at some point in their life… Crisah Bowen is helping people all over the world to “Find their purpose” by encouraging them to keep, what she calls, their “Purpose Diary.” She has written a book by that name… and has a group called the “Purpose Diaries Movement…” Her book started as her own diary because she was struggling, not too long ago, in trying to find her identity and purpose as well. As she continued to write down daily things the Lord was showing her, she eventually found herself doing what the Lord has wanted her to do – her Purpose. Now, she is sharing that with others – and with YOU – on today’s program… Help me welcome to the program, Crisha Sarah Bowen…Crisha, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come on our program today… Other than that brief bio, tell us – who is Crisha Sarah Bowen… Tell us about the time the Lord spoke audibly to you…what were the circumstances you were facing and how did the Lord’s instructions help you? You say we are only “one instruction away” from a major shift – explain what you mean by that… Explain (again) what the difference is between PURPOSE and AMBITION…. How can someone know the difference? How can they know their PURPOSE? Once they find their purpose – what now? What are the next steps they need to take? Should they share their purpose with others? What if they are met with unbelief as a result? How can they find a “Purpose Coach” who will believe in them and their vision of the purpose for their life? Tell us about the “Purpose Diaries Movement” Now, you have another book also, co-authored with Carla Cannon, called “Burn for Jesus: 21 Day Devotional to Reignite the Fire in Your Prayer Life” - correct? Are both of these books available on Amazon or through your website? If someone wants to reach out to you, perhaps to ask you to come speak or to do an interview such as this – or for any mired of reasons…how can they contact you? RESOURCES: Website: Email: Book: Purpose Diaries: How to Activate Your Faith & Experience Success On Your Own Terms - Burn for Jesus: 21 Day Devotional to Reignite the Fire in Your Prayer Life -

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