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Episode 156 - Sacred Cow Burger - Ed Tyll Interview pt 1
November 02, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 156 Show Notes for Ed Tyll Interview

Ed Tyll, let me tell you, has a background that, in one word, I would say is – interesting! LOL…

Ed has a background in comedy…and I’m sure you will get some of that here - in just a minute! He headlines, nationally, in his “The Low Road Comedy Tour” and appears in his one man show called “The Sacred Cow Burger” – you have to tell us about that…He is a public speaker for his highly publicized coverage of the Casey Anthony Murder Trail…he has been featured on Fox News with Geraldo Rivera when they were covering that trial together….he was raised as a good old Catholic boy in the Bronx of New York…he has moved around the nation, hosting various Conservative talk shows in different markets…and now is the CEO of Starcom radio…which airs in 42 different markets on low power AM and FM stations as well as streaming online…

That is how we hooked up as I have a weekly Saturday and Sunday morning program on the Starcom network and have been interviewed a couple of times on Ed’s program…so I thought it was only fair play to put HIM on the spot on my program! Glory to God!

Ed, welcome to the program, brother!

Other than that brief bio I gave – what would you like to add?

Tell me about your background in comedy…and your “Sacred Cow Burger” show…what a name!

Do you still travel to do comedy gigs?

How has comedy permeated your outlook on life?

How has it impacted your radio career?

I mentioned the Casey Anthony trial – have you had many other speaking gigs that come out of that trail? Or is all but forgotten?

How can someone get ahold of you, maybe to become a broadcaster, do an interview – or even ask you to come out a speak – or even do a comedy gig for your road show?

Brother, I appreciate your ministry…and putting us on the Starcom radio network and all of the affiliate radio stations…

Folks, I encourage you to listen to Starcom radio and Ed Tyll… I have to admit – I do listen to his radio program – and I can honestly say – you will be laughing before it’s finished… LOL

Ed, you are a blessing to our ministry and to the Body of Christ as well.


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