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Episode 166 - Ask Ash! - Ashley Brown Interview pt 1
November 16, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 166 Show Notes for Ashley Brown Interview pt 1

Ashley Brown is the founder of “Ash Said” as she helps her clients to improve their life by developing a lifestyle brand that promotes positive energy. She accomplishes this through the use of social media posts, blog posts, podcast shows and now television programming. She has over ten years experience as a radio announcer and she is an Honorably Discharged military veteran – AMEN!

Ash was struggling trying to take care of her mother who was ill until she passed away. Ashley then struggled again as she tried to find herself…until the day she says “the light bulb came on!” She said she had to ask herself, “Why the heck am I wasting time helping people not interested in helping themselves? Why don’t I pour my 13+ years of industry experience into something I can call my own. That was the birth of “Ash Said…”

Help me welcome to the program, Ashley Brown.

Other than that brief bio, tell us, WHO IS ASHLEY BROWN?

Tell us about how you dealt with life’s challenges?

How are people supposed to control the energy that surrounds them?



Twitter: @1loveash


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