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Episode 170 Life Hacker - Jake Stakey
November 22, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 170 Show Notes for Jake Starkey Interview

It is a blessing and an honor to have a fellow podcaster with us today…especially one who is doing his part in “Getting the Word Out!” amen!

Jake Starkey is the Founder of Battle Cry Revival and the host of the Break the Box Podcast. He is passionate about helping people reach beyond what they thought was possible - and then helps them to communicate it.


He is a graphic designer and an award winning filmmaker as director, editor and cinematographer. Most importantly though - Jake is someone who believes in Jesus Christ and wants people to know about Him.  Through film, design, or even a cup of coffee Jake enjoys discussing God, faith, entrepreneurship and creativity with people.

And with that, welcome to the program, Jake Starkey!

I ask everyone, as we kick off this interview, to answer us the question, “Who IS Jake Starkey?”

Now, let’s start by talking about your podcast…called “Break the Box” – tell us how you decided upon that name….

And you have only been going a few months now, but you’ve had some fabulous interviews… How do YOU think your podcast is doing?

Now, you say, what you went through right in the middle of a hurricane. Tell us about that story…

You also say, that during the recession (I still call it a Depression…but I digress)…that is when you truly committed your life to Christ. How did that come about?

You say you are a “Life Hacker” – what does that mean?

You are a graphic designer AND, what I feel, more importantly, an award winning film maker…You are a director as well….and how do you help others in that type of business?

Is your focus right now on the graphic design business…I know you truly have a passion for talking about God – and that is the purpose of your podcast…but what about the Graphic Design Business – who is your TARGET MARKET – and WHY?


1. “If Jesus paid the price for all sins for all time (past, present and future), why can’t we just live like we want if we have asked Him to forgive us?”

2. “Is it possible for a mass murderer to be saved?”

3. “If God is good, why does He allow bad things to happen?”

Last Question: If you woke up tomorrow morning and realized your entire life was a dream…but yet you were able to keep all the experiences and complete memory of everything that happened, what would you do, how would you go about doing it and why?

Jake, I truly appreciate your work for the Kingdom of God…and I appreciate your willingness to take the time and be on our program today…amen!

Folks, that’s all the time we have for today….so be sure to “Like and Share and Leave a comment” – that is what will help us to grow! Amen!




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