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Episode 174 Finding Your Message - Maria Pellicano pt 2
November 28, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Show Notes for Maria Pellicano Interview

For the past twenty years, Maria Pellicano has been empowering people who are aspiring to be on center stage, whether speaking or performing…She helps them grow their confidence, helps to tweak their voice, their mindset and their message in order to communicate their message more effectively.

She is coach, mentor, singer, song writer – and helps public speakers, auctioneers (that is a group that must be difficult to train…) lawyers, sales executives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, other coaches and trainers, preachers, pastors, teachers and, of course singers – she helps them to polish their voice and deliver in a clear manner with a successful mindset that positions them for success…

Maria works from “down under” – from the bottom half of the world…and joins us today all the way from Australia! Maria – thank you for taking the time to join us today!

Other than the brief bio I just read…tell us – “Who Is Maria Pellicano?”

Now, you have a book as well, right?

The Art of Powerful Communication…tell me about your book

This book goes into your mentoring program…

Now, on your website, you have a place where someone can do a brief recording and you will analyze it and get back to them, right. What kind of things are you looking for and what can they expect when you get back to them?

How can someone “FIND THEIR MESSAGE?”

Can anyone have a Powerful Voice?

Some people are shy, or have stage fright, etc…how do you help them overcome that?

How can you teach people to SPEAK WITH INFLUENCE?


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