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Episode 176 - South Dakota Apologetics - Brian Johnson pt 2
November 30, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 79 Show Notes for Brian Johnson Interview

South Dakota Apologetics

On today’s program, I believe you are going to be inspired by the information you are about to hear. I have a special place in my heart for those who can tackle the scientific information and then share it in a coherent manner with those who, like myself, are not as well versed in science – but yet fascinated by it.

Brian Johnson is one of these special men…he is with the South Dakota Apologetics group, whose is educating and equipping the Body of Christ on topics like:

¥ Morality, Relativism & Grounding Truth

¥ God’s Existence & The Beginning of the Universe

¥ Dinosaurs & The Bible

¥ Answering The Top Ten Questions of Skeptics

¥ The Cults: JWs, Mormons & others

¥ Examining The Religion of Islam

¥ Conquer Your Fear: Share Your Faith Crash Course

Brian has a particular interest in the scientific side of apologetics - and a heart for the youth., Brian will equip your group to have an answer ready for why you believe in what you believe. Amen…

How do you reconcile the TIME GAP between what typical science teaches of the earth being BILLIONS of years old and the Bible saying it has only been 6,000 years or so?

What about your work in educating people about the cults and groups trying to undermine those who have Faith in Christ?

Your group participates in public debates on these subjects as well, correct? How have these debates gone, as far as the crowd being receptive the information presented and shutting down the oppositions view?

What type of resources do you have on your website that will be of interest to our listeners?

If someone wanted to contact you to come and speak at an event or to invite you on a podcast such as this for an interview – or just to ask a question, how can get in touch with you?

The Lightening Round:

Why does science say the earth is billions of years old but Christians say it is only 6-7,000 years old?

Besides the Bible, what book are you reading right now?

What is your favorite ministry program on TV?

Last Question?




Books and other resources:


Best evidence today from secular sources…evolution falsifier…dinosaurs in the Bible

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