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Episode 178 - Rophe Healing - Candice Gray pt 1
December 03, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Show Notes for Candace Gray Interview

Rophe Healing

Candace M. Gray is an International Speaker as well as a Confidence & Courage Coach and the founder & CEO of Rophe Healing.

Rophe Healing was birthed after she felt God calling her to lead others to emotional freedom through the process of healing their own hearts from past trauma and negative life experiences.

She shows people that Jehovah Rophe, God our Healer, not only performs miracles in physical healing, but He restores the hearts of those who are broken.

She believes it is important to understand “who you are in God’s Kingdom” as well as understand it is His power + your faith and courage – that transcends fear and feelings of unworthiness in order to create a life with thriving relationships and a prosperous business.

Her success story starts with the challenge of college itself…and that story spanned 11 years and 4 colleges… she makes a point of telling everyone that life is not always going to be “unicorns and rainbows” but that, sometimes, life can be extremely challenging…but if you take every fear and every set back and use it FIRE UP that burning desire in your heart – you too, will be able to overcome and conquer that fear and achieve your dreams…

Welcome to the program, Candace Gray…

Candace, other than that brief bio…tell us – who IS Candace Gray?

Now, you said 11 years and 4 colleges…I think I have you beat…

It took, me 12 years and 7 colleges to complete my Associate Degree…another 20 years to complete my Bachelors degree and then only 4 more years to achieve my Masters (finally) from Johns Hopkins University…I was in the military and taking, for the most part, one or two courses whenever I could fit it into the military life…but I made it, Glory to God.

I actually had Psychology as my Secondary as well…because, like you – I just found it so interesting…

Now, you say your are “Courage Coach” – explain that to us…

How can we even BEGIN to take steps at overcoming fear in our life?

How does fear stop us from moving forward and being successful?

When all seems like life is completely against us…how can we move forward – especially when we hear others around us telling us “It will never work…” and things like that?

How can we prepare for the blessings and abundance of God in the midst of the trials and tribulations…when life is completely against us?

How can someone who is not as schooled as you are or has not ever experienced success in any area of life?

Explain how they can do that?



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